Atlantis re-discovered part II

What started it all

Indeed the image that stared my quest, shows 4 scarab beetles pointing towards a crystal star 4 scarab beetles pointing towards a crystal star in a gold hajar al aswad type encaseing which is in fact the stylised flag of macadon Where Alexander the great used to be ruler The man that Alexandria in egypt is named after.

The roof of the Masonic Hall in London, where this Beautiful image is located , has been constructed in the shape of a pyramid , placing the crystal star directly below the pyramids peak

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In Fact If you use Google Earth and draw a straight line back from the rear of the entrance of the dome till you hit land, you will find, as I did, you will hit land at the same spot where the Alexandria lighthouse used to stand.


An interesting fact is that the freemasons have built a replica in Alexandria Virginia (click on image for a full sized version) called "The George Washington Masonic Memorial". On the third floor of the tower there are 3 windows to each wall.On the third floor of the tower, just as you see in Leonardo's painting of the last supper, and this area in the tower is a shrine to christ.

The reason I was looking at the painting in the first place was because my 9 year old daughter Emma had said one morning, as we were getting ready for school, "Look daddy he's pointing too", while looking at the cover of the DVD for the Davinci Code, in reference to all the art works I had come across where the people were pointing to either 3 stars or 3 stones or at 33 degrees .

In fact when I got hold of a copy of the full fresco of the last supper I realised that he too THOMAS sat to the right of jesus (on Jesus's Left ) was pointing up at 3 apples on the laural wreath above their heads, which considering the curve of the wreath being a taurus would mean that they sit in a triangular formation in relation to one another.

Asses and the Manager

With some more research I found that this is what the people in these art works are pointing at is always the left hand object (Star) of the Asterism of the Asses and the Manager, as seen here on the left. Comprising of the Northern Donkey (Asellus Borealis (Gamma Cancri))

The Southern Donkey (Asellus Australis (Delta Cancri) and 39Cancri in the beehive (Hexagons) cluster M44 (33 plus 1/3 of itself). The left hand star in question is actually the Northern Donkey if we rewind time and observe it from Alexandria in Egypt in 1BC.

Could a clue be in the story/song of Mary riding a Donkey Whilst Pregnant "Little Donkey Carry Mary Safetly on her Way" be refering to Mary leaving in a space ship as appears outside the window when we mirror the painting, so as to rest Mary's head on the shoulder of Jezus, as was done with a Santa Maria delle Grazie (milan) Fresco version in the movie The Davinci Code (see image below). We now see that Mary is indeed looking pregnant and outside the window is a waiting spaceship hovering on a bright beam of light, above a sphere, on top of a square plinth.


It is a well know fact that Leonardo was obsessed by drawing, designing and building flying machines.
That could also solve the riddle of the extra hand in the picture that is holding the knife, as it could well be that of jesus or mary. it is well documented that Simon Peter and mary did not see eye to eye , in fact Leonardo has left yet another clue in the image showing a cut on Simon Peter's cheek As you can see in the image below..

I would say it appears to be jesus holding the knife. Did he draw it to protect Mary? Did a scuffle break out, or was he perhaps injured or even killed that night in that room ?

The dispute regarding Mary and Simon Peter can be felt in The Gospel of Thomas one of the Gnostic gospels found in Nag Hammadi in December 1945 at the very end this is written...

114) Simon Peter said to Him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are not worthy of Life." Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

Another point that I must mention here is that the knife itself is level with a spot on the ribs of Jezus (see image below), if you draw a line from the knife to jesus.

Thomas's Secret

This image with Thomas being the subject of the mirroring exercise. reveals a Small human , and his finger is on his lips the sign or gesture we make for "shhh" keep it a secret . Is this saying litterally "small human" IE a baby, or are we to read something even more profound for instance the origins of human life Possibly in the vicinity of The northern donkey star (Gamma Cancri or its latin name of Asellus Borealis).

In the following image you can see Jezus demonstarting to his diciples a trick similar to the modern levitron toy, notice on his clothing an image appears that seems to be that of the hindu god Vishnu.

I downloaded a magnetic anomalies survey map, and overlayed it on an screen-grab of the "Beetle City", and just where I believe this "Landing Pad" is between the front legs as it were, is a round magnetic anomolie. Which could account for the giant hovering stones and the ability to slip in and out of earths atmosphere with little or no effort in an interplanetary spaceship.

If The people that lived in this great city had such an in depth fantastic understanding of natures amazing forces and advanced technologies that were not burning the blood and gases of the earth , then right now with the planet in the state that it is there should be no excuses for us ignoring or suppressing the knowledge I am revealing here If we want saving we can be saved but effort and action are needed to explore this amazing underwater time tomb!

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