Atlantis re-discovered

After countless futile attempts to proof the existance and location of the mother of all legends, the city of Atlantis, it will be hard to believe that, as from today, there will be an end to all speculation and theories surounding one of the world's most illusive myth's.

Yes, Atlantis has finaly been discovered. Never has there been more convincing evidence, then there is now. Anyone who is alive today, will be witness the most important discovery in human history.

Pyramidal Allignment

In this image (click for full size) you see north of Egypt south of Cyprus and west of Israel pointing in a north easterly direction. The exact allignment of the diagonals of the Egyptian pyramids, as demonstrated in the image of two alligned north screen grabs from Google Earth. Overlayed and blended you can see they both point to the north eastern direction that I believe at certain times of the day is when the Asses and the Manger constellation aligns in front of the beetle. I discovered this nearly one and a half years ago and wrote to the British Museum who politely wrote back saying "

From: Egyptian < >
Date: Wed, Oct 4, 2006 at 3:50 PM
Subject: RE: newly discovered Kheper Beetle on Ocean Floor at the 33rd degree by Nicholas Brian Fenning
To: Nik Fenning < >

Dear Mr Fenning
Thanks for the image.Like you say it does bear an resemblance to the shape of a scarab.

Yours sincerely
Derek Welsby

Duty Curator "

Atlantis on the ocean floor

The city is in the shape of a huge 60 mile long by 40 mile wide Scarab Beetle with a Giant small country sized Dodecahedron dome for its main rear body . You can make out the symmetry of its legs and eyes .Unfortunatly the dome isn't as easy to make out after all the years of sediment accumulating on it.

The location I was looking at was 33 degrees north and 33 degrees East using the Google Earth tool The reason I was there specifically was because in the freemasons 33 degrees is the highest degree you can attain within this club, and in my logic the set square and compass , well known symbol of the free masons were Sailors tools in days of old , and degrees are latitude and Longitude used on maps to find your way about, so the two were related. I should explain That My father is a freemason as was his father at a Lodge in Doncaster on Priory Place , my father had asked me to join which is why I became obsessed with my research.

The city used to sit at 33N 33E Approx 8000-10,000 years ago but it sits on a tectonic plate that is slowly shifting north west and Cyprus just north of its location is Shifting South East. This Should If the data is available concerning the speed of movement of tectonic plates allow us to date quite accuratly the age of the city, but my guess is that it was built as I said 8000-10000 years ago in the age of cancer.Which I believe I read some where the arguement about the age of the sphinx being around the same sort of time ago coinciding with the Flood mentioned in both the bible and the supposed reason atlantis "SANK" !

4000 Years Ago The Egyptians Were Using The Scarab Beetle as the symbol for one of the twelve zodiacal signs CANCER which also uses the symbolic 69 , the dodecahedron has twelve sides , it was defined by Plato , and was Mentioned in his writing timaeus which is one of the only two written Records in which Atlantis is mentioned the other being Critias also by Plato

Leonardo Da vinci Knew of its existance as I discovered over a year after rediscovering the giant city on the ocean floor , when I mirrored the painting of the last supper and pushed together the part of the painting where the beautiful red haired mary sits when 4 things appeared in the scene an apex hovering in the air along with a crucifix above Atlantis viewed from behind, and in the folds of Marys' clothing was a Large Fleur-de-lis the sign of the Priory of Sion of which Leonardo was supposed to have been a Grand Master of from 1510-1519 (9 years 3*3), As I can show you If you click on the file below.


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The clues Leonardo left us

This still image (click on images for full sized version) is of the view from Mary's window. Leonardo has also Hidden lot's more of the story in The Last Supper for us to see

In the following picture we see that mirroring Mary Magdalens head produces an image of the Lioness ancient solar and war godess Bastet Protector of Lower Egypt and Defender of the Pharo and Ra (Horus Amun-Ra or Amen ! )

 The eye of Horus is also a symbol used by the freemasons, as is the "Yod", the tenth letter of the hebrew alphabet. The letter that is assigned to the constellation of Virgo (Virgin Mary). I see that as the fact that this sexist organization is litterally taking the power of woman and using it for theirselves.

also known in astrological terminoligy

yod An aspect configuration in which two planets in sextile both form a quincunx (inconjunct) with the same third planet; it is given a karmic connotation. Sometimes called the Finger of God. See also Finger of God.

Bastet Literally Meant (female) of the ointment Jar

This all makes A great deal of sense when you know the story of Mary magdalen and are aware that she was regarded as the woman with The alabaster Jar and that she was regarded as the intimate and most favoured companion of Jesus who in this scene of the last supper, is at the head of the table in his own lighthouse The Pharos Lighthouse in Alexandria

". . . there came a woman with an alabaster jar of ointment,
genuine nard of great value; and breaking the alabaster jar,
she poured it on his head."
(Mark 14: 3)

"Then Mary took a pound of ointment, genuine nard of great value, and
anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet dry with her hair.
And the house was filled with the fragrance of her ointment."
(John 12:3)

As you saw in the video Atlantis used to Have an Apex Shape 10 miles across hovering in the air above the Dome Below that there Hovered a 15 Mile Tall 10 Miles wide Crucifix I would guess made of stone (possibly diorite but more than likely limestone) just like in the DISNEY cartoon which isn't surprising as walt disney was a Member of Demolay a fraternal organization for young men sponsored by Freemasonry ! Another not well known fact is that there is oddly enough a "33 Club" inside the grounds of Walt Disney World in Florida.

The apex is simple to make out, to this day, still laid on the back of the beetle. The crucifix is also clearly visible, and can be seen a few miles north east of the apex, lying more or less its top end pointing east.

The hidden clues

In this mirror-image of Marco d'Oggiono's version of the madonna of the rocks, shows the cave of wonders included in disneys Aladdin , to which he was led By a Golden Scarab BeetleWhich is the shape of the city

Staying with the dodecahedron dome for a moment it would now starts to appear obvious that certain artists through whatever means generally association with other people who have seen fit to share this secret with them have then gone on to complete Great works of art portraying some element of the secret within them, take A great classic Like Salvado Dali's "Sacrament of the Last Supper". The images below portray christ standing, with diciples, in a Dodecahedron Dome.

.........and when you mirror it the symmetry is striking.

I have also realised that Jesus in Dali's last supper appears to be posing his hand in the famous "Flemings Right Hand Rule" which has all to do with motion, thrust and force in electromagnetics. Therefore when we demonstrate the symmetry in this painting, we now have both the left and right hand rule. In my mind this is demonstrating the necessary knowledge of magnetics. A knowledge that would have been needed to hover stones and fly to other worlds!

Salvador Dali worked with Walt Disney on a short animated cartoon called Destino in 1946 Released in 2003 by The Walt Disney Company.

"To a song of love lost and rediscovered, a woman sees and undergoes surreal transformations. Her lover's face melts off, she dons a dress from the shadow of a bell and becomes a dandelion, ants crawl out of a hand and become frenchmen riding bicycles. Not to mention the turtles with faces on their backs that collide to form a ballerina, or the bizarre baseball game. From the melting clocks and hourglass sand, to the figure rendered in strips, to the character covered in eyeballs, the style and themes of Dalí are clearly recognizable throughout." Written by Jon Reeves

Could it be again that artists are trying to show us pictorally about the truths of storys like that of Mary Magdalane and jesus's relationship , are suggestions are being made, to the way in which religions around the world that know the whole truths are concealing them from us wrapping them in religious dogma ?

The last supper painting is set in the Alexandria (Pharohs) lighthouse Egypt which as you can see above is the view we see when we do Leonardos favorite trick of mirroring things as he did the writing in his notebooks.

The freemasons have protected this secret and left symbols lying around to show you , if you can see their meaning . The Freemasons, in Alexandria washington USA, have built a replica of the Pharos Lighthouse This Replica has a main tower consisting of what appears to be three floors and is 333 feet high the third floor of which has Three windows to each of its four sides just as we see in the Last Supper Painting, more revealing is the fact I believe that this floor is a shrine to CHRIST!!

It is called The George Washington Memorial (see image below).

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