Atlantis Is A Reality find out where in this post

Atlantis one of the most debated subjects in Mythology and Legend.
Its Whereabouts have been sought after and speculated about for 1000's of years.
A year and a half of research into freemasonry later I can without a shadow of a doubt show you where Atlantis is and how others throughout history have known about it and have tried to show us without coming right out and telling us , possibly because they feared the repercussions if they did.
Leonardo Davinci Knew of these Secrets and probably of the plans of the two opposing sides within freemasonry the Sons of Belial and the Law of One.
The order that seems to be prevailing is the Sons of Belial who want the creation of a dictatorship which emphasizes materialism, and greed the very things that are currently destroying our planet and tearing families and whole civilizations apart.
In His Painting The Last supper and The virgin of the rocks he left us clues that must be looked at. The method he used was one that he is historically famous for , that of mirroring.
external image
In this section of the Last supper Painting you can see that there is a crucifix hovering below a giant stone apex both above a scarab beetle shaped city with a dodecahedron dome for the main “Cave” .
Both The apex and the crucifix can still be seen to this day.

external image
The dodecahedron is the fifth platonic solid defined by Plato a polyhedron with twelve regular pentagonal faces, mentioned in his writing timaeus “There still remained a fifth construction (dodecahedron), which the god used for embroidering the constellations on the whole heaven”
An interesting line when you know that in this same writing he has discussed Atlantis and if you realize that 4000 years ago the Egyptians (the original Atlantians) were using the scarab beetle as the symbol for Cancer the zodiacal sign , one of twelve ,which could explain what he meant if he knew that there was a giant stone crucifix hovering above it and from this city people were coming and going from planet Earth , an amazing site to behold I am sure.
The City I have Rediscovered actually sits North west of 33n 33e , 33 for those of you that know is a very special number to the freemasons.
external image
The City is actually underwater which wont come as a surprise to those that know of the history of Atlantis.
I believe it used to sit on 33n 33e as it is actually on a techtonic plate that is slipping NW
I took the liberty of overlaying screen grabs from google earth of both Atlantis and the pyramids both grabs taken when the compass in GE is set to its true north and noticed that the allignment of both is Identical pointing in a north easterly direction
external image
In this image you can see the magnetic anomolie that sits between the scarabs legs on what I believe is a landing pad or spaceport which stands to reason launching from such an area would be like launching in the eye of a storm
external image
Here you can see the spaceship waiting for pregnant mary. Outside on a beam of bluish light hovering above ball placed on a sqaure plinth.
external image
also this image is created in the same fashion as dan browns movie but utilising mirroring which they didnt.
external image
This image shows Thomas saying shh with a tiny humanoid figure appearing between his hands, sugesting what that mary was pregant or more profoundly the actual origins of human existance from the Northern Donkey in the constelation of The Asses and the Manger when you combine that image with this one
external image 

Another clue to the whereabouts of the scarab beetle is the Masonic Temple in london The ceiling of which is a beautiful matrix of symbology and hidden meaning
external image
and is placed directly under its pyramidal roof.
external image
The Center of the ceiling has four scarab beetles pointing towards a giant crystal surrounded by two rings 0f 16 pentacle stars (16+16+1=33) .
external image
The giant crystal is actually a stylized flag Of Macadon the country which Alexander the Great used to be ruler of , Alexandria in Egypt is named after him and is the site of the Pharos lighthouse one of the lost ancient seven wonders of the world.
This is the setting for leonardos Last supper as the freemasons know as their replica of the lighthouse in Alexandria USA “The George Washington Masonic Memorial” has on its third floor 3 windows to each wall which is exactley what we see in leonardos Last Supper painting
Also on the third floor of this 333 foot monument is a shrine to christ.
external image
If the suggestion is we are in Alexandria and surely we must be to get the view from marys window of the City of Atlantis from the rear then we are not in Jerusalem which is obvious if you draw a line backwards using google earth till it intersects land and we find it directly hits the spot where the lighthouse used to stand until 1300 !
external image


Mary Magdelen has been known since biblical times as the woman with the alabaster jar or box,
external image

A jar of pure white gypsum or calcite alabaster in which she kept an oil with which she annointed the feet of jesus

"And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee's house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, and stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment." Luke 7:36-50

Bearing this in mind and doing a little research into the ancient Egyptian solar godess Bastet , who was the defender of the pharaoh and later Ra also a solar god , she later became known as the Eye of RA
( a definate masonic symbol )
external image
but more intriguingly Bastet literally meant (female) of the ointment jar. So it was no surprise to me that when I mirrored the head of Mary in the last supper painting a bastet appeared
external image

Going with Ralph Ellis and his book title of "Jesus last of the Pharaohs" which would tie with Jesus being at the head of the table in the Last Supper painting if as I say it took place in the Pharaohs Lighthouse overlooking a kingdom where peace and harmony were order of the day otherwise you couldnt be a resident. I am speaking of Atlantis of course or is it the garden of Eden or the kingdom of Heaven on earth!

Is it a coincidence that Leonardos pupil Marco d'Oggiono painted the replicas under the instruction of his Teacher and hid the same clues , and is it a coincidence that in Marcos' version of the Virgin of the rocks when you mirror it you see a lions head entrance to a cave looking exactley like the cave of wonders in Aladdin the Disney cartoon.
external image
A Cave which was revealed to Jafar when he followed a golden scarb Beetle into the desert a scarab beetle that he activated by placing together the two halves IE mirror image pieces!!!!
Then When I mirrored Leonardos Version of the using little white dots that are scattered around on the painting as markers to use for alignment I again got a cave of wonders , this time looking like a cross section opening with a shadowy figure stood almost with bowed head befor the cave The biggest surprise to me was the appearance of a scarab beetle above the scene I have just described. Created when you put the two halves together
external image
Also worth noting is the obvious third child in the marco version of this painting initially there appear to be only two children but when you realise there is a newborn infant created using the folds of red material on marys lap you suddenly realise that all the other characters are looking at or gesturing towards this infant
external image

The existance of a third sibling to john and jesus is some thing that Marco hinted at in a later painting when the third child had grown and John and Jesus were young men.
external image


Did you know that the peaks is a Giant Dead dragon BTW ?? Know that sounds a bit odd but things in the peaks are just where they should be intestines skin vertabre Fluorite deposits on its back and calcium mines on its claws Worth a look If you know where PM me or use my email woodwytch as I just joined your site

Also could you expand on missing pieces woodwytch PLZZZ


I also mirrored the jesus (RA ) figure in the image of the last supper and rather than seeing a lost chalice of christ I see the holy grail ( knowledge )

Jesus demonstrating as we do nowadays that a spinning magnetic field over a stationary magnetic field causes hover and lift

external image

bearing that in mind the look of astonishment on James Son of zebedees face is now apparant he was impressed with the demonstartion of a small miracle before his eyes and now we understand that Thomas is saying so that will go up lift off !!!

This isnt unthought out fantasy because if we take a look at Jesus in Salvador Dalis Sacrament of the last supper

external image

He is gesturing Flemings right hand rule and pointing to himself saying either I am magnetism or I have the knowledge of.

Then it came as no surprise to me that he placed this scene inside a dodecahedron the same construction we see of the domed city in marys window

external image

and that when I mirrored this image he had used amazing symmetry and now we have jesus demonstrating the left and right hand rule

external image
IE counter rotating magnetic fields LIFT OFF


Here is an interesting image like leonardo Marco Hid many things in these pictures and I have dozens of examples to post heres one showing a high priest kind of figure with a crusaders shield above his head.

external image

Then there is this version by leonardo and the odd shaped rocks come together to give us the image of jesus or christ like silhouette appears over the scene (this is a large file 2.7megs)

external image

Then there is if you look closely the image of Baphomet in between the mirrored image of marys head.which is the demon that the masons are supposed to worship.

external image

Which makes sense when you mirror the little boy with the crucifix and see it makes a perfect set square and compass!

external image

And when you look closely at the image of the view from marys window
You will see an unmistakeable fleur de lye in the red cloth

external image

if you cant see it watch this video I made and you can spot it easier


Obviously the flood mentioned by Plato and all the other legends of the world. Think about this
Bravest soldiers and those that accomplish great things in war are called Heros one of the Greatest heros we can think of in Mythology is hercules (Greek) There was a war between The Greeks and The Atlanteans That apparently the greeks won (sort of ) now the straits of Gibralter are referred too as the Pillars of Hercules as the legend has it that on one of his twelve labours he came to the then mountain range and rather than walk over or around it he smashed a hole through it HMMMM wasnt there a lot of water at the other side of that !!!! surely this would have been a decisive if not foolish move as it destroyed their enemies but according to plato the Greek army too or so it seems we yes sloshing that much water around would be dangerous and probably cause a wobble on the planet causing global flooding and massive earthquakes .


Sorry but I have an email that I cut and pasted on my website showing I wrote the british museum in 2006

From: Egyptian < >
Date: Wed, Oct 4, 2006 at 3:50 PM
Subject: RE: newly discovered Kheper Beetle on Ocean Floor at the 33rd degree by Nicholas Brian Fenning
To: Nik Fenning < >

Dear Mr Fenning

Thanks for the image.Like you say it does bear an resemblance to the shape of a scarab.

Yours sincerely

Derek Welsby

Duty Curator

enuf Said

And regarding the banding around of FACTS its getting a little like debunking legionromanes I have posted here my findings and mainly they are visual genuine original findings in my understanding that are there to be discovered by a man that was friendly with kings and family that had 3 or 4 popes amongst them Medici so if you choose to quote things fine go ahead but obviously leonardo wanted us to see things that are suggested in "WORKS OF FICTION" and many other famous books the evidence is stacking in favour of hidden truths and I don't like Lies which is basically what a secret is we are all equals and entitled to know everything in my mind. like I say please stop posting if you want to use the known knowledge systems as this is ground breaking stuff and I really cant stress enough the remarkable 'coincidences' that have presented themselves to me oct 2006 I spot this thing on Google earth I noticed as you cant miss it the apex on its back 2 month or so later I took a "RAW" image from a page of a book my dad had given me of the ceiling in the "solomons temple" inside the main masonic lodge in London and noticed four scarab beetles pointing in to this giant white crystal which I then realized was the star from the macedonian flag where alexander the great was ruler incidently where we get the original magnets from then I see this image a year later in this image by leonardo of a Giant crucifix hovering in the air above the scarab beetle city, I was nearly sick on the spot because I knew instantly that the apex still visible today is what I could see in the painting so I went looking for the crucifix and its there to (go see for your self) then theres the cave of wonders ( read the posts ) and more recently the scarab beetle appears looking for the same cave in leonardos version of the virgin of the rocks.

So please post reasonable discussion people and no personal attacks on any postings as its uneducated and immature

Something I do find uncanny is the prophesy of the return of christ

In St. Mathew’s Gospel, Jesus foretold his second coming on Earth (link). The promise He made was that He would return when His sign appeared in the sky: "Then will appear in heaven the sign of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory" (Matthew, 24:30).

taken from

A Page entitled


But quoting a source somemay see as worthy so am I fulfilling the prophecy by exposing the davinci code secret hidden in the painting

Or can the power source that held this great stone (diorite as it contains Magnetite like the giant stone scarab in the british museum I think which is reminiscant of the monoliths in 2001 by A.C.Clarke ) be reactivated and are we yet to witness this amazing spectacle in our lifetime ?

Heres the giant stone beetle in the British Museum Notice the concentric arrangement of the front end and think of platos description of the concentric rings I believe its a magnetic arrangement that creates a powerful magnetic field hence the magnetic anomolie picture I posted and the spaceship in the painting waiting for a pregnant Mary or even enhances a naturally occuring magnetic field as there seem to be lots of them.

external image

external image


Thanks for getting me to revisit the wiki page on scarabs legionromanes I can't believe I missed the connection on my previous visits
image of KV6 the tomb of Ramesses IX where the scarab with a female deity to one side and khepra to the other is not unlike like the image of the four beetles pointing towards the star on the ceiling of the masonic temple in london and with a little into research Ramesses IX on wiki we find that

Most of his building works centre on the sun temple centre of Heliopolis in Lower Egypt where the most significant monumental works of his reign are situated.

where we find we are told on the British Museum website

There is another large scarab near the Sacred Lake in the Temple of Karnak; it originally came from the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III

and theres me think you just popped in to let off steam and there you go contributing to Rediscoveries yourself

I believe some of these glyphs on the carvings actually describe processes for the creation of something to do with flight if you notice the woman is holding to spherical vials and there is a crucible type object in the middle and the male figure seems to be instructing her ?

external image

The front face of the cylindrical pedestal on which the scarab rests has been flattened to form a stela, and is carved entirely in sunk relief. On it, the kneeling king makes an offering of two nu vessels to Atum of Heliopolis. The solar disk set between the two extended wings that crown the text forms part of the name of Nebmaatre that is inscribed in the vertical axis of this stela. The text carved on the side of the stela explicitly states that it concerns "Khepri who rises from the earth".

Granite a natural gamma source isnt it hmm nuclear powered space flight HMMMMM clever those Egyptian/Atlantean/Jews

Among the most significant restoration projects, and being achieved totally by Egyptian restorers, is the consolidation and removal of Amenhotep III's red granite scarab

Doesn't the scarab generally show a red spherical object between its legs

then theres the composition of the many many relics found in the Mediterranean the vast majority being soapstone

Scarabs were made from a wide variety of materials such as carnelian, lapis lazuli, basalt, limestone, schist, turquoise, ivory, resin, steatite, and bronze. Most scarabs were made of steatite which was then covered with a turquoise coloured glaze. The stone was soft and easy to work, but when glazed, it became hard and durable.

The secrets in the pigment , pigments derived from copper me thinks vinegar and copper gets you tourquoise Ammonia(urine) on copper turns bright blue add some Hydrochloric Acid (stamach acid) and it goes Green.

this is particularily interesting if we are looking for ways of making maybe ancient versions of Printed circuit boards maybe using the hieroglyphs as the circuit !

The term steatite is sometimes used for soapstone. It may also denote also a type of ceramic material made from soapstone with minor additives and heated to vitrify (to change or make into glass or a glassy substance, especially through heat fusion).[citation needed] It is often used as an insulator or housing for electrical components, due to its durability and electrical characteristics and because it can be pressed into complex shapes before firing. It was used for beads and seals in ancient civilizations. Steatite undergoes transformations when heated to temperatures of 1000-1200 °C into enstatite and cristobalite; in the Mohs scale, this corresponds to an increase in hardness from 1 to 5.5-6.5.


no internet at home so weekends can't reply at the moment

1) Why do you say Thomas is pointing to the Northern Donkey in the constellation of The Asses and the Manger, instead of Orion? TO me, the stars you have suggested he is pointing to look ALOT more like the belt stars of Orion.

Because in all my research people are pointing to this constellation It is an asterism think holy trinity (triple)

A yod is a particular aspect configuration involving at least 3 planets (or an angle: MC/IC, or Ascendant/Descendant). Two of the planets will be sextiled (60 degrees apart) and each planet or angle in the sextile will be quincunx (150 degrees) from the third, which is the "apex" of the yod.

think of the Wreath with the apples on as an inner tube or a torus and remove the inner tube and sit where thomas is and look up its easy for me as I work in 3D animation so I tend to automatically take a 2d image and play with it in my head

external image

Then start to think about christmas carols and see them as time coded clues rightly or wrongly I do and see through the traditionalism of them and see a more enlightening picture of advanced space travel where the son of God means as Michael Tsarion goes some way to explain means literally son of one who lives or is from the heavens where technology could afford you immortality !

Away in a manger, No crib for His bed The little Lord Jesus Laid down His sweet head The stars in the bright sky Looked down where He lay The little Lord Jesus Asleep on the hay The cattle are lowing The poor Baby wakes But little Lord Jesus No crying He makes I love Thee, Lord Jesus Look down from the sky And stay by my side, 'Til morning is nigh. Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay Close by me forever And love me I pray Bless all the dear children In Thy tender care And take us to heaven To live with Thee there

something else I find quite striking is this excerp from

Visions of the Virgin Mary: An Astrological Analysis of Divine Intercession By Courtney Roberts

However, there is another, interior constellation hidden within the warmth of that embrace. From time immemorial, sky watchers also Identified the stars within this constellation as a stable, enfolding cattle, two asses and a manger Does that sound a bit familiar. Eratosthenes (276-195 BCI called this constellation the Crab, the Asses, and the Crib. In the zodiac of Denderah it is called Ktiria, or the cattle-folds. The Arab name Tegmine, for the star marking the tail of the crab, means "in the covering," or "the sheltering or hiding place." Meanwhile, in the very midst of the body of the crab lie the two stars known as the Ascelli, the northern and southern asses.

hmm another carol springs to mind !!

Two stars in the constellation are named Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis, Latin names meaning the ‘northern ass’ and ‘southern ass’, and they have their own legend. According to Eratosthenes, during the battle between the gods and the Giants that followed the overthrow of the Titans, the gods Dionysus, Hephaestus and some companions came riding on donkeys to join the fray. The Giants had never heard the braying of donkeys before and took flight at the noise, thinking that some dreadful monster was about to be unleashed upon them. Dionysus put the asses in the sky, either side of the cluster of stars which the Greeks called Phatne, the Manger, from which the asses seem to be feeding. Ptolemy described Phatne as ‘the nebulous mass in the chest’. Astronomers now know this star cluster by its Latin name Praesepe, but it is popularly termed the Beehive (praesepe can mean both ‘manger’ and ‘hive’).

Hmm giants Titans Gods arent the titans credited for creating atlantis?

According to Solon's notes the history of Atlantis began at the beginning of time. It was then that the immortal gods divided the world among themselves and each ruled their proportion. The god Poseidon received Atlantis, an island larger the Libya and Asia combined. He chose for a wife the mortal woman Cleito, and with her begun the royal family of Atlantis



2) Alot of this is based on the assumption that Jesus was a real man who had a real life with siblings and so on.
I personally do not believe this to be the case for reasons which are my own (lets not start discussing this and derail the thread tho). So my question ISA is, in your opinion, does whole thing still stand up if placed into the context of Jesus never having existed as a real man.

In no way is this a derailer if anything it is at the heart of this quest for truth was he a real man or does this story get reinvented for the power it creates for those that use the story as the basis for religion.

I believe it goes back to the image of mary that reveals the bastet

external image

and the fact jesus in this last supper is sat at the head of the table in the Pharos lighthouse so it makes the whole biblical story idea seem like a lie or maybe a rehashing of a much older story which has been suggested by many people before the difference is here I am going along way to prove it and there is some pretty comelling evidence not least of all this 40 mile by 60 mile scarab shaped city that is ATLANTIS

The protector of RA AMEN RA think of the word AMEN nobody seems to think twice as to why we say it but if this is based on Atlantian history obviously Jesus really was a great ruler that upset the Roman catholic Church and the Greeks and presumably the Jews he was going around telling his followers not to pay cesar his POLL TAX which oddly enough we in the UK are still paying to this day

Amen, meaning so be it, is of Hebrew origin.[6][7] The word was imported into the Greek of the early Church from the Jewish synagogue.[2][8] From Greek, amen entered the other Western languages. According to a standard dictionary etymology, amen passed from Greek into Late Latin, and thence into English.[9]

in the gospels of Saint Thomas he sounds as though he isnt a Jew

*Said-Jesus this: come-into-being as-you(pl)-pass-away. Said-they t o -him, v i z-his- \ -disciples, t his: You(sg)(are) who, that-you(sg)-speak these(things) to-us? > In-those-which-I-speak-them to-you(pl), ()you(pl)-realize not that I (am) who; > Rather, y ou(pl), have-you(pl)-come-to-be l ike -those-Judeans, for they-love the-tree, they-hate his-fruit, and they-love the-fruit, they-hate t h e -tree

Then he is quoted as saying at another part of the gospel

They-showed-JS88 a-coin, and said-they to-him this: "Those-who-belong to-Caesar, they-demand of-us the-taxes." > Said-he to-them this: "Give-that-of-Caesar to-Caesar, > give-that-of-(the)God to-(the)God, and he -who-mine is , give-to-me(him)."

Hmmm cant see that would have pleased the romans !

So as for holding up whether or not this man was real and I do believe he lived he just wasnt the person the church would believe hmm another quote from the coptic gospel.

* S a id-Jesus this: Perhaps they-are-thinking, viz-men, that I-have-come to-cast ( a )peace o n to-the-world, > and they-know not that I-have-come to-cast some divisions upon-the-earth - (a)fire, (a)sword, (a)war, > ( for) (there-are)five, ( ---), w ill-come-to-be in-a-house; (there-are)three will-come-to-be against two, and two against-three; the-fatheragainst-the-son, and the-son against-the-father; and th ey-will-stand t o-their-feet, t hey-being single ones.

I find it interesting about the gosples that they are written in coptic and that the first coptic church was founded in Alexandria in 1 AD !!!!
Even more interesting is one of the opening passages while we are on the subject of immortality Gods and technology

These are the-words hidden, which-Jesus who-lives spoke(them), and he-wrote-them, viz-Didymos Judas Thomas, > and said-he this: Whoever-falls onto-the-meaning of-these-words, he-will take-taste not o f(the)Death.


Posted originally by legionromanes

(which isn't designed to show underwater features) which you have superimposed images onto without taking into account the size of the area (the superimposed pyramid image for instance would require the pyramids to be about ten miles wide).

Classic case of Ignorance is bliss

Its funny that you say that its not designed to show underwater features because obviously it doesnt as the terrain mapping actually becomes flat at sea level . The features visible in the textures mapped on it are from some form of satellite mapping and as your eyes can show you they do actually show a whole host of underwater details in really quite excellent detail , like the Mid Atlantic Ridge and to answer your comment on my overlayed images I didnt actually state they were to size because obviously My discovery is 40 miles wide (approx) across the Dome had I taken screen grabs at similar heights you wouldnt be able to make out the pyramids

As I demonstrate here with both screen grabs taken at 92.40 miles altitude

external image

As you can see the pyramids pale into insignificance by comparison. the whole purpose of that exercise in the image you refer to

external image

was to show the exact alignment that the pyramids share with this city

Please try to refrain from attempting to sound smug if you dont believe state that and leave it at that, instead of quoting well thumbed "FACTS" this discovery is unprecidented in sheer scale and historical fact changing magnitude and does require a more out of the box way of looking at if we are to clearly understand why this major missing (hidden) part of the earths history is so far undocumented. And please dont be rude to other members who are posting here otherwise I will request that the moderators remove your more innappropriate posts.


bearing in mind the Symbol for Cancer used by the ancient Egyptians was the Scarab Beetle This all makes a deal more sense when you contemplate my post earlier about heracles/hercules what is a legend if not a story so ancient its suffered the preverbial chinese whispers and changed over mellenia but the story that legend could well have its basis in fact that has been distorted over time.

Cancer is the sign of the summer solstice, and represents the sun at the highest point of summer. The constellation is identified with the crab, Karkinos, or Carcinus, that was sent by Hera to bite the foot of Hercules as he battled with the monstrous Hydra. Hercules crushed the crab with his foot. Hera placed the crab in the sky for this service. The crab is a symbol of powerful gripping and holding power.

According to Chaldaean and Platonist philosophy, Cancer was the 'Gate of Men' through which souls descended from heaven into human bodies, or into creation. Its opposite sign Capricorn represents the 'Gate of the Gods' where souls of the departed ascended back to heaven. Kuhn in The Lost Light explains; "in sign of Cancer the crab is emerging from the water and in Capricorn the goat (half goat or land animal, half fish or sea animal) is in the water. The crab lives part of its time on the earth, and part in the water.

Strange how this Plato keeps popping his head up and there we seem to be discussing some form of STARGATE

So could we read that The Atlantians the people from scarb city where Crucifix (X) marked the spot, were sent by Hera to defeat Hercules and his army and destroy him but they were crushed

Mythographers relate that the Lernaean Hydra and the crab were put into the sky after Hercules slew them. In an alternative version, Hera's crab was at the site to bite his feet and bother him, hoping to cause his death. Hera set it in the Zodiac to follow the Lion (Eratosthenes, Catasterismi). When the sun is in the sign of Cancer, the crab, the constellation Hydra has its head nearby.

When The sun is in the sign of the scarab and the scarab is often seen and associated with a "SOLAR" disk


I wonder if it has anything to do with this eclipse that will happen this year on the first of august


Strange how the Asses and the Manger are following the Moon and the Sun



Here are some other images that had 33 degrees The original location of Atlantis hidden in them

John The Baptist By Leonardo
In this image above I find it interesting that Leonardo Hid the angle in the eyes a thing artists use all the time.

Another John the Baptist By Leonardo

This time the finger is the angle pointer but in this picture I think a clue is his staff and the Idea that using these staffs people could levitate Ill find the info I am refering to and post it here

But that fits with these guys here in this painting by Poussin Called the tomb of christ showing 3 guys with a staff each and again we see the location hidden in angles , almost like sign language that deaf people use , I see a similarity because these people have obviously sworn oaths not to speak of these things well they have kept their oaths but found a sneeky way to tell it anyway
Tomb of Christ

Here is A member of the Medici Family Called Maria de' Medici pointing for us again at an angle of 33 degrees. A portrait by Rubens

Maria de' Medici (French Marie de Médicis) (April 26, 1573 - July 3, 1642) was Queen and later Regent of France.

Maria de' Medici

The connection here is that her family came to power in 1400 in florence italy through banking I was looking at 1400 because it is the wavelength of the musical note Gzero I saw this as a way of putting the O back in GOD as I remember after my grandfather died I was reading through his masonic Bible/Handbook and it struck me as odd that they never wrote the word GOD always G_D and as 33 degrees struck me as coordinates because of the use of the set square and compass a sailors navigation tools that G_D seemed to be a musical note a frequency and then I found that Leonardo was friendly with this family Historically Lorenzo de Medici

Lorenzo's court included artists such as Piero and Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Andrea del Verrocchio, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Domenico Ghirlandaio, and Michelangelo Buonarroti who were involved in the 15th century Renaissance.

Lorenzo's Grandfather Cosmo started a library Which I will bet holds many clues

Cosimo had started the collection of books which became the Medici Library (also called the Laurentian Library) and Lorenzo expanded it. Lorenzo's agents retrieved from the East large numbers of classical works, and he employed a large workshop to copy his books and disseminate their content across Europe. He supported the development of humanism through his circle of scholarly friends who studied Greek philosophers, and attempted to merge the ideas of Plato with Christianity; among this group were the philosophers Marsilio Ficino and Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.

One of the images is of Geber the Alchemist pointing downwards towards 3 stones on the floor symbolising the asses and the manger constellation
This is a 15th century European portrait of "Geber", Codici Ashburnhamiani 1166, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Florence
Geber Pointing
Writings about the scarab constellation

The Zodiac is a term yes my understanding is the egyptians did study the stars


Do some footwork and see that Khepri was ra, ra was heru and after a while it can all get a little confusing
The egyptians did use the scarab as a form of a MODERN DAY ZODIAC of cancer
The Fact that some people have written something down and is the accepted view , is actually part of what is at task here I mean that this conspiracy to conceal these truths runs deep and wide and I only trust what I see with my eyes.

What I find hard to swallow are traditionalist accepted Institutionalized Ideas that have gaping holes in them This Beetle Shaped City Changes History and There is no denying it


Another interesting image showing the Placement of the Knife in the picture of the last supper being directley in line with the ribs of jesus

external image

And when we see that in the image with the spaceship outside the window creates mary to be pregnant and the knife is know appearing to be in her hand as she is dressed in the correct colour red.

This would make sense as Mary and Peter are historically supposed to have been bitter enemies and this close up of Peters cheek shows a definate cut with blood

external image


I suppose even though Ive stated that I believe they wanted us to find them that sometimes it has felt to me like they are mocking us think of walt disney Atlantis cartoon (walt was a member of the order of demolay) and in that cartoon are stones hovering above the city, or are they possibly playing by the rules by telling us the truth as demanded by the higher authorities and conning the higher authorities into believeing they are fulfilling some kind of criteria by making movies , I wish I knew the answer but I have learnt to be patient as this is unfolding in front of me as and when I am supposed to see what I am ready to see thats how I cope with the magnitude and the "Responsibility " given to me.

It is interesting to note that lots of the movie industry is run owned whatever by a jewish element mainly even down to the directors of the superman movies and the Davinci code. The director that directed Superman 1 Richard Donner was jewish he also directed conspiracy theory and Omen Jerry siegel the man who wrote superman was a jewish Immigrant new line cinema is jewish owned and its logo has 3 complete holes on each side (33)
Remembering that the romans exiled the jews to babylon could it be that the romans have some hold over them but the way of them showing people things is through art and media ??
The second coming would be about releasing the jews from roman rule again I guess possibly through a free energy device that gets rid of the power hold that oil affords the corrupt governments of the world.


I agree on that point , but have been through the mill with the whos doing what and why , it has worried me alot but yes its better to think that the original religions are the ones helping from the side lines and I do thiink the church has persecuted the masons for the only reason them protecting the truth, has the power to destroy the dogma based religions like christianity and catholicism remember friday the 13th the murder of the templars by Philip IV of France

Philip was instrumental in engineering the election of Pope Clement V and keeping the curia out of Rome, thus beginning the Avignon Papacy.

Philip also acquired Lyons and much of Aquitaine, temporarily and cruelly governed Flanders, levied severe taxes, persecuted the Jews and the Lombards for their wealth, and debased the coin of the realm. Perhaps most memorably, he attacked the Templars, seizing and executing the grand master and principal knights and confiscating their property.

then we read about Pope Clement V

He is memorable in history for suppressing the order of the Templars, and as the Pope who moved the Roman Curia to Avignon

Interesting to note that

The Roman Curia is the administrative apparatus of the Holy See and the central governing body of the entire Catholic Church, together with the Pope.[1] It coordinates and provides the necessary central organization for the correct functioning of the Church and the achievement of its goals.

Something that scared me was the fact that when in the temples the freemasons read from the greater keys of solomon which makes sense as all the lodges have a temple within them that is based on solomons temple, but the content if the greater keys of solomon is all based on spells and magic with its roots in the Kabbalah

Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎), which literally means "receiving", is the mystical aspect of Judaism. It is a set of esoteric teachings meant to define the inner meaning of both the Hebrew Bible and traditional Rabbinic literature, as well as to explain the significance of Jewish religious observances.


Mysticism (from the Greek μυστικός – mystikos- 'seeing with the eyes closed, an initiate of the Eleusinian Mysteries; μυστήρια – mysteria meaning "initiation"[1]) is the pursuit of achieving communion, identity with, or conscious awareness of ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, or insight.

The use of pentacles is mentioned and explained throughout even magic carpets!

For Example one of the Pentacles

Figure 14. The Fourth Pentacle of Saturn. – This Pentacle serveth principally for executing all the experiments and operations of ruin, destruction, and death. And when it is made in full perfection, it serveth also for those Spirits which bring news, when thou invokest them from the side of the South.

external image

Editor’s Note.– The Hebrew words around the sides of the triangle are from Deut. vi.4:– "Hear, O Israel, IHVH ALHINVH is IHVH ACHD." The surrounding versicle is from Psalm cix. 18:– "As he clothed himself with cursing like as with a garment, so let it come unto his bowels like water, and like oil into his bones." In the center of the Pentacle is the mystic letter Yod.


For those who want to take a look at The Greater Keys of Soloman
I have up loaded to Rapid share
Greater Keys of Solomon

Like I say it used to scare me that they use magic but I think because I was so scared and didn,t understand magic GOD answered me by leading me to this image of the swastica inside a 2D representation of The Merkaba on the floor of a temple or something in Sousse Tunisia dateing they reckon from 2 AD

external image

And Because a fractal I had seen on the net reminded me of an illustration I had seen in the greater keys I got myself a copy of fractal draw pro which makes images using mathematics (thats my understanding of it anyway), in this program you can insert a background image as a template so I did and used the mosaic as the triangles (2d tetrahedra) were Ideal as triangles are what you draw out to create your fractals and as I drew the third Triangle a swastica appeared in the image

external image

So My understanding as was Saddam Hussains is that this stuff works as its based on mathematics the laws of the universe.

The Image I referred to earlier that reminded me of an image I saw in the Greater Keys of solomon was this 1 of a mandlebrot set fractal

external image

And the image it reminded me of was this one which has a note under it stating

Here followeth the Form of the Circle (see Figure 81), wherein whosoever entereth he shall be at safety as within a fortified Castle, and nothing shall he able to harm him.

external image

So it came as no surprise to me when using Google earth again I found this image of a statue that saddam had built of himself

external image

Coincidince I think not


Another interesting mirror image from the virgin of the rocks by leonardo.

external image

Any one care to comment ?



Another image bearing in mind the Disney Masonic connection and the Disney Salvador Dali Dodecahedron link is this going to be a coincidence again I really dont think so the classic pose for mickey including the tilt of the head matches perfectly the "EARS" we see in the image here Again it is the virgin of the rocks by Leonardo.

external image

I just noticed Something quite symbolic about the image that creates a sillohette of christ above the scene of the virgin of the rocks that the small boy now mirrored sat on the floor next to the angel is now touching the center of his halo creating a MONAD

external image

Monad (term), a term used by ancient philosophers Pythagoras, Parmenides, Xenophanes, Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus as a term for God or the first being, or the totality of all beings

Plato pops up again as does Pythagorus who is also on the temple ceiling in london

external image

So it could be said that this young child is touching GOD


Looking at the image of PYTHAGORAS and EUCLID could anyone tell me what is the geometry in this picture initially I thought Pythagoras's theorum but thats not correct I think

external image


This image intrigues me I see an orb on a pedastal/plinth anyone see anything that seems significant I also find my eye drawn to the beehive looking object at the top of the image

external image


I suppose when you think about it the reason we are seeing this dome and crucifix all around the world

external image

is because this is what you would have seen on the journey to earth and for many many miles around the city of Atlantis

external image


Heres the scene from the window in the mirror image where mary is pregnant

external image

as I see it in 3 Dimensions



Through all this I have never stopped thinking about the fact that my star sign is capricorn opposite to cancer (scarab beetle) and my year of birth is 1969 , 69is the symbol for cancer my date of birth is 27th of december and My parents named me Nicholas for obvious reasons after the saint of christmas whose symbol is three golden balls, (the star sign asses and the manger is a triangle of three golden balls (stars) of light).

Oddly enough when I had to move from my mums house where I had been for eight weeks last year I joined and left a profile looking for a house to share in Thorne where I work, and I took a guy up (footballer) on his offer of a three bedroom house which turned out to be give or take smack bang between St nicholas's masonic lodge and St Nicholas's church . In this church there is a beautiful window showing saint Nicholas holding the three golden balls.

Every morning I walk along St Nicholas's Road which then crosses another road and becomes North East Road (the direction of the Scarab city's Allignment)


It seems that leonardo placed 33 degrees in another of his famous works

only reinforcing for me that they are litterally pointing towards the location of ATLANTIS

external image

Something else I think isnt coincidence I found while messing around in my 3D software at work was that if I created a MERKABA , a Stella octangula , a double tetrahedron and rotate it 33 degrees you can see the star of david. which is interesting when you consider the location 0f

33N 33E

external image


Thanks Merka

I have uploaded a video for those who are interested in watching the full transition of the mirroring for themselves



Just another link I believe that shows the agendas of both Walt Disney and Leonardo

Is as well as the hidden symbolism and subconcious stuff in the art is the Animatronics

external image

Leonardo's robot refers to a humanoid automaton designed by Leonardo da Vinci around the year 1495.

The design notes for the robot appear in sketchbooks that were rediscovered in the 1950s. It is not known whether or not an attempt was made to build the device.

The robot is a knight, clad in German-Italian medieval armour, that is apparently able to make several human-like motions. These motions included sitting up, moving its arms, neck, and an anatomically correct jaw. It is partially the fruit of Leonardo's anatomical research in the Canon of Proportions as described in the Vitruvian Man.'s_robot


Hi relevant to my discovery is this edgar cayce book

I have uploaded it onto rapidshare

The Children Of The Law Of One And The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis